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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Altex employs the latest precision laser and punch technology. This produces high quality blanks which move through forming, inserting and welding, enabling us to produce a low cost, high quality product.

Mindful of our environmental commitments, Altex has continued to invest in equipment and processes which improve efficiency, reduce running costs and lower energy consumption.

Investment in our own nitrogen generating plant has removed the need for regular deliveries of gas and has proved to be very cost effective.

A major change to our engineering process took place in February 2010, with the introduction of a new, state-of-the-art Salvagnini L1Xe laser- the first of its kind in the UK.

Both the punch and laser machines are controlled by the same Radan CAD/CAM system, giving accuracy, flexibility, productivity and maximum cost effectiveness.

Accuracy comes from the system being able to use the same part profile for both machines, ensuring there is only one file to update when changes are made.

This system gives us increased flexibility and productivity by allowing production to be quickly switched between the two work centres, avoiding bottle necks within production.

Maximum cost efficiency is achieved by using the add-on RadNest package, automatically giving maximum sheet utilisation with minimum user input.